Certification of quality

ISO 9001 certificate

The competent team at the level of the Group in charge of quality provides support starting from the product design, process control in production processes up to the final control of the product, with identification of potential risks and proposals for improvement.

All members of the Think Plastic Group have ISO 9001 certificate.

Plastikcam east has quality Certification UNI EN ISO 9001

CAMINADA SRL has always had a significant role in the sector of electronics and electro-mechanics. In the capacity of the certified manufacturer of moulds it applied for and was issued UL Certification by the UNDERWRITERS LABORATORIES (one of the most recognized independent accredited organizations for granting safety certification which develops standards and tests for control of products, materials, components and instruments with special reference to safety).

Our Laboratory owns state-of-the-art specialized equipment for measurement and testing. Owing to enormous experience and impartial approach the staff engaged in the control ensures continuity of the quality of our products.

In addition to dimensional, functional and aesthetic controls of the products themselves, we continuously monitor the production process so as to prevent and avoid any deviation.